Top 4 Tips for Choosing an Online Store Builder for Your Small Business

Builder for Your Small Business

Before you leap to build up your small business website, it’s a good idea to understand what your business needs. Online store builders are suited for a wide range of professionals from different niches, such as photography, hotel and restaurants, e-commerce space, writing, wedding, electrical and plumbing. However, the needs of a plumbing website will greatly vary from that of photography. Essentially, the features of an online store builder vary from one industry to another. However, there are other features that every website needs to put on top of their agenda, and that’s what this article wants to address:

1)Any online store builder should be user-friendly

When choosing an online store builder for your website or e-commerce platform, make sure it’s easy to use. Remember, with an online store builder; you are going to create the site yourself. So if you didn’t use the web builder, it would defeat the purpose of choosing it. The awesome part is that most online store builders offer a free trial to enable you to play around with it until you find the perfect feel and look.

2)Ensure your online store builder is integrated with social media

The aim of starting a business online is to generate traffic to it and convert that traffic into sales. Social media is an excellent platform to get traffic without spending a dime or wasting a lot of time. Most of today’s online store builders come already integrated with social media, so you’ll only need to activate the social media plugin. With social media plugin, you’ll only need one-click to share your content on social media.

3)Ensure your online store builder comes with email marketing capabilities

Email is a potent marketing tool for both large and small businesses. It offers a unique way to interact with your target audience on a personal level. So if you intend to use email as one of your marketing strategies, you need to choose an online store builder that allows you to manage your mailbox.

4)An online store builder should come with support systems

Support is critical to the success your web building effort and for your customers. When building your website, you might run across an error, and if you don’t get support, you won’t move any further. Also, when the website is up and running, clients will want to inquire about your products or services. If they don’t get the support, they will abandon your website.


Another thing you shouldn’t forget is images and templates. Today, most online store builders come along with both free and paid templates and images to make your website elegant and stylish. But different web builders offer different kinds of images and templates, so it’s worth checking upfront that what is offered resonates with your business.